Danny Maryland (Vocals, Guitars, Strings)


Besides guitar are there any other instruments you can play?

"Anything with strings! And pretty much anything that you can bang on, play with, sing through or growl at... give me enough time I can usually get a song out of it."


What musicians or genres have influenced you the most?

"Jimi Hendrix. Definitely, Heavy Blues Jam like Cream with Clapton, Baker, Bruce... all the 70's rock I grew up with..."


What first made you want to pick up the guitar?

"When I was growing my dad had an old nylon acoustic guitar... I learned a couple songs, but when I was twelve I saw a guitar in the window walking by a local music shop in downtown New Brunswick, NJ - told my father I though it was really cool.. and, that Xmas he bought me my very first electric s-g style guitar with a gorilla 10 watt distortion amp..."


Besides music what else are you passionate about?

"I'm totally captivated by the full spectrum of visual and sonic arts: line art, painting, graphics, street art, folk art, graffiti, digital, video, film, photography, rock music, sound recording, engineering, design, spoken word, stage craft, lighting design, live sound and visual performance... making music is obviously a huge part of it... but, all of these arts as a singularity of artistic expression has always resonated with me. And, as always, I remain intrigued with the intellectual pursuit of ancient mysteries..." 


Sandy "Sandman" Hinden (Drums)



Who are your musical influences?

Louie bellson, John Bonham,  Billy cobham, bill ward, and Danny Carey


What other bands or projects have you been a part of?

I've been a member of several projects such as hooray for humans,  DePristo and the Sandman, Diegression, Cause to Believe, and now 60 watt shaman.  I've also played with country artist Carmel Helene


What led you to choose drums and percussion as your instrument of choice?

I always loved the fact that a drummer could be a show off and still be in the back of the band.  I've loved the sounds of ethnic percussion since I was a child that and a robust music selection when I was a child motivated me to learn drums.


Besides music is there anything else you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love video games and stream on twitch.tv when I have the time.


Ben Sacks (Guitar)

Who are your musical influences?

"Kirk Hammett, Joe Satriani, Slash, Dave Mustaine, Eddie Van Halen just to name a few."


How did you get into playing guitar?

"I have been passionate about music all my life. As a result of that, I tried my hand at many different instruments.  I knew I wanted to be a guitarist after I saw Metallica for the first time."


Of the other instruments you have tried, which ones do you continue to play?

"Drums, bass, piano, and voice"


Do you have any other passions outside of music?

"I have been a martial artist since I was 7."